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Naturel Botoks®

With the sensitive and skilled hands, it produces the best results possible.

What is Naturel Botoks?

With sensitive and skilled hands, it produces the best results possible.

Time leaves its impact as wrinkles on our skin. Naturel Botoks® is a treatment applied to remove these wrinkles on our faces. Naturel Botoks® also prevents new wrinkles to emerge. The substance used in the ‘Naturel Botoks®’ treatment developed by Dermatologist Ersin Aydin is Botulinum Toxin, the same as Botox.

What is so special with the Naturel Botoks?

Naturel Botoks is an anti-aging treatment that makes you look younger and healthier without ruining the naturality of your face. In Dr. Ersin Aydin’s treatment, the natural look of the face is preserved. Maintaining the anatomical and characteristic features of the patients, their uniqueness is highlighted. There is no need at all to worry that “Would I be artificial or look like all the others?” It is highly possible to obtain a livelier and far more natural look after this application that produces no difference with the smile or the look of the patients.

How does the Naturel Botoks work?

Naturel Botoks impacts our mimic muscles. With the Naturel Botoks applied into the right spot at the right amount, the tonus –the tension of the muscle in relaxed position- of the mimic muscles is reduced. Thus, when the tension of the muscle is reduced, the wrinkles and the lines on the skin covering the muscles are reduced or totally removed.

What produces this natural result?

The success of the Naturel Botoks lies in the application technique. The treatment is modified according to the structure of the face, the extent of the mimic use, and the characteristics of the wrinkles. Such tailor-made treatment and the products produce this natural result.

On what part of the face is the Naturel Botoks applied?

The wrinkles on the face are usually seen at the outer corners of the eyes (crow’s feet), between the eyebrows, and on the forehead (frontal zone). People complain about these facial lines getting deeper over time. Natural Botox is applied to eliminate these problems. The patient, once the lines between the brows are removed, gets rid of the angry or the exhausted facial expression. Naturel Botoks allows us to obtain a more natural look by reducing the lines around the eyes and on the forehead that are common in those who frequently use their mimics while laughing or speaking, or the deep lines between the brows that make people look more aggressive than they actually are. We can also treat those who complain merely about the lines at the outer corners of the eyes or between the brows, but, since we take the upper face as a whole, we do recommend an integrated treatment on the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes.

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Is an anesthetic cream used before the Naturel Botoks?

Since the Naturel Botoks causes no pain or ache, we do not need to use any anesthetic cream that is common in some procedures.

The patients with a history of multiple botox, who were treated with anesthetic cream, also state that they experienced far less pain during the Natural Botox.

Does the Naturel Botoks have any side effects?

There is no known side effects. Botulinum Toxin has been being used for aesthetic purposes in medicine for ages, as well as for some other purposes. To illustrate, it is used at much higher doses by Neurologists to treat migraine, and by Physical Therapists to treat muscle spasticity in children with cerebral palsy. Even at these high doses, it does not have any side effects.

Is there any pain or bruise after the Naturel Botoks?

Naturel Botoks is highly comfortable. After the treatment, there is almost no bruising as ultra-fine special needles are used for the application. Since these ultra-fine needles do not cause any tissue damage, almost no pain during the treatment and no bruises afterward are experienced.

The patients state that they feel almost no pain during the process. Thanks to the fine needles, we experience no bleeding as well, even in those who use blood thinners or tend to bleed.

Is the effect of the Naturel Botoks permanent?

Naturel Botoks is a repeated treatment. Its effect lasts for about 4-6 months. As such, when repeated 2 or 3 times in a year, it is possible to obtain more successful results. Each session helps us maintain the success of the application. In short, we do slow down the time.

The extent of the use of the mimics, the age, and the depth of the wrinkles differ from person to person. Anyway, after the Naturel Botoks treatment, the patients obtain a far better look than before.

Can the Naturel Botoks be applied at any age?

As the Naturel Botoks is an anti-aging treatment, it is applied for protective purposes. Therefore, it can be applied to the young as well, even before the lines are apparent. Relatively aged people with some deep lines can also get Naturel Botoks whenever they want.

Would I get worse when I quit getting the Naturel Botoks?

Naturel Botoks is recommended to be repeated, but not compulsory. The patients can continue this treatment as long as they wish. In any case, there is absolutely no collapse on the face when the treatment is dropped. Within this context, in research published in the Facial Plastic Surgery, the long-term effects of Botox on two identical twin sisters were studied (Long-Term Effects of Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) on Facial Lines). While one of the twins regularly got twice or three times Botox per year and nothing else, the other got it merely once or twice within 13 years. At the end of 13 years, when the twins reached the age of 38, their photos were compared. The photo was taken 4-5 months later than the former twin’s final Botox treatment, which means there was no Botox effect on her face. While there was no wrinkle on her face, the latter had apparent wrinkles. As conclusion, there seems to be no negative effect once the treatment is suspended.

Is a different substance used in the Naturel Botoks?

No. The substance used in the ‘Naturel Botoks’ treatment is the same as Botox: Botulinum Toxin. We prefer Dysport products.

Are the doses in the Naturel Botoks low?

There are various applications, such as Mesobotox, baby Botox, and microbotox, in which reduced doses are used. However, we do not use low doses in Naturel Botoks.

The scientific studies state that the recommended amount to be applied on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and on the crow’s feet is 5-10 sU for each region (Dysport Unit, Speywood Unit).

In Naturel Botoks, as well, the maximum amount to be recommended on each region is 10 sU, not more. But what if the maximum amount is surpassed? Some unanticipated results might occur. Masseter Botox in larger amounts is applied on the masseter muscle, a very strong and big one on the face.

Can male patients get Naturel Botoks?

Yes, male patients can get Naturel Botoks. Especially those who do not want others to learn about their Botox will be content with it.

It can not be understood whether there is Botox because there is no loss of facial expression or natural look, and there is no difference with the smile or the look of the patient.

At the end of the treatment, patients can get a brighter and significantly natural look. Since it is applied with extremely fine injectors, the pain is considerably slight, if any at all.

Is Botox used in Dermatology for treatment purposes?

Yes. It has been successfully used for the treatment of some dermatologic diseases, such as the over sweating of the hands and the armpits, teeth grinding, rosasea (Rose Disease), and like.

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