Eczema Treatment

Healthy skin has balanced moisture. The moisture in the skin protects us against bacteria and allergens.

What is Eczema?

Healthy skin has balanced moisture. The moisture in the skin protects us against bacteria and allergens. When the balance of moisture is diminished due to a genetic variation, the skin develops a skin disease named Eczema. Such a skin disease with Eczema develops rash affected by irritants and allergens, which, in return, leads to disturbing conditions like dryness and itching on the skin. We also know that food allergy may trigger Eczema in children.

Eczema, known as Atopic Dermatitis in medicine, causes rash and itching on the skin. Although Atopic Dermatitis has no definite treatment, it can be alleviated through therapies and personal care measures. For instance, avoiding hard soaps, regularly moisturizing your skin, applying medical creams, relieving your skin, improves the quality of your life.

Who Suffers from Eczema the Most?

It is most common in children, but it might emerge at any age. Atopic Dermatitis tends to last long and periodically repeat.

What are the Symptoms for Eczema?

The symptoms for Atopic Dermatitis might exhibit personal or seasonal differences.

  • Dry skin,
  • Itching, especially at night,
  • Stains on hands, feet, wrists, neck, upper chest, eyelids, and inside the elbows and the knees,
  • Reddish stains on the face and scalp of infants,
  • Small crusty blisters typically with fluid inside,
  • Cracked and scaled skin,
  • Sensitive and blotchy skin due to intensive itching.

When to see a Dermatologist?

If this sensitive condition on your skin is disturbing enough to your daily life and even your sleeping, you have to see a Dermatologist. After a thorough examination and tests, the most optimal treatment will be administered.


Moisturize your skin at least twice a day with the medicine prescribed by your Dermatologist. Creams, ointments, and lotions capture the moisture your skin needs. What’s more, avoid sweating, stress, malnutrition, chemicals such as soaps and detergents, and finally dusty environments.

Take quick showers preferably with lukewarm water rather than hot.

Use skin-friendly and healthy cosmetic products to clean your hands, face, and body. Beware that anti-bacterial soaps tend to dry your skin.

After a shower, dry your skin with a soft and natural towel and apply dermal moisturizers on your skin within 5 minutes.

If you decide on the Eczema treatment, do not forget to give the below information to your doctor:

  • Your medication,
  • The vitamins and minerals you take,
  • If pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant,
  • All the surgeries and cosmetic treatments you have already had.

Eczema treatment is one of the most crucial treatment methods. To diagnose your problem and follow the correct treatment procedure, please get an appointment to see Dermatologist Dr. Ersin Aydın at our clinic.