Publicly known as Shingles, it is a viral disease caused by the Herpes Zoster virus.

What is Shingles?

Publicly known as Shingles, it is a viral disease caused by the Herpes Zoster virus. Research suggests that it is a secondary disease caused by early stage chickenpox. It develops with the activation of the Varisella Zoster virus left in the nerve roots of chickenpox patients. Shingles, triggered by the weakening of the immune system, may exhibit different symptoms from person to person.

What are the Causes?

The disease appears with the re-activation of the Chickenpox virus under suitable conditions that gets into the body in childhood. It is highly prevalent among those with a weak immune system and over 50. Shingles is not a contagious disease.

What are the Symptoms?

Shingles might show different symptoms depending on the condition of the immune system. Together with age, this dependence determines how the patient will deal with the disease. Typically, it is felt with the pain in the nerves. After a while, blisters with fluid and local rash -with probable itching and pain- develop. Due to its burn-like appearance, it is also called ‘night burning’. Its being a painful illness might cause it to be confused with other illnesses especially in the early stages.

How is it Diagnosed?

The disease can be diagnosed through the examination of a Dermatologist. Skin rash is usually enough of symptoms to diagnose, whereas, in some rare cases, a sample from the skin needs to be analyzed for definitive diagnosis.

How is it Treated?

Early diagnosis of Shingles allows a successful treatment. The illness is followed together with medication. Using anti-viral medicine, vitamin supplements, and special care creams contirbutes to the positive results in therapy. It is also of the utmost importance during this phase to follow a health diet and avoid stress.

There is also a vaccine agains Shingles. Those who want to prevent the emergence of Shingles in the first place can get jabbed as long as they are found eligible by a Dermatologist.

Healing Period

The rash and burns caused by Shingles disappear within approximately 2-3 weeks. Yet, the pains may persist longer. Within this respect, Shingles is a rarely recurring disease.