Mole Removal with Laser

Everybody has moles on their bodies. It is natural for adults to have 10 to 40 moles on their bodies.

Everybody has moles on their bodies. It is natural for adults to have 10 to 40 moles on their bodies. With aging, the numbers and the colors of the moles may change. However, some moles, due to their locations or their size, might bother you. In that case, a ‘mole removal’ procedure can be helpful.

What Causes a Mole?

Moles are generally small, dark brown spots that appear on skin. They are usually caused by the clusters of pigmented cells. Moles usually appear during childhood and adolescence. Most moles are harmless, and rarely become cancerogenic. The follow-up of the moles and the other pigmented spots is a significant step in diagnosing skin cancer –especially melanoma.

CO2 Laser for Mole Removal

We can remove the elevated moles (above the skin) with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser. Right after the removal process, the quick healing process starts. During this phase, it is highly significant to evade from the sun and use the healing creams that we recommend. Once the healing is completed, it is highly probable to obtain a much more esthetic look.

Can Every Mole Be Removed?

Some moles can be malign. Therefore, it is important to check whether the moles are malign, and if that is the case, be treated at an early stage.

The Change of Shape and Color in Moles Can Be an Indication

If there occurs a change of shape and color in your moles, an initial dermatoscopic examination is carried out. If we realize a suspicious feature after the examination, we may recommend it be removed surgically. Thus, we can detect the structural features of the mole through a pathological examination. Unless there is a problematic situation, we can remove it with CO2 Laser.

Can Every Mole Be Removed with CO2 Laser?

Every mole can be removed with CO2 Laser as long as they do not have a suspicious look.

A Painless Procedure

We have been safely using the CO2 Laser with its effective results in mole removal. CO2 Laser, working fractionally, allows you to get rid of benign moles in the easiest way possible. This painless and quick procedure does not cause any bleeding as well.