Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Veloce BB Laser is the new generation Laser treatment that effectively targets the facial pigmentation, brightens the complexion, and improves the size of the pores.

Veloce BB Laser is the new generation Laser treatment that effectively targets the facial pigmentation, brightens the complexion, and improves the size of the pores. This treatment method, with its ability to improve the skin tissue and the tone, comes first among the most widely practiced skin rejuvenation methods in the world.

With the advent of technology, the Laser equipments have paved the way for the implementation of highly significant treatments. Among those, Veloce BB Laser is an effective equipment used for many specific skin treatments. Veloce BB Laser is specifically used for skin rejuvenation and for the removal of the age-related wrinkles and skin spots on the face, chest, neck, and hands.

Veloce BBL is applied to practice the proper treatments for the skin using different heads with different wave lengths. The waves are delivered to the skin in a controlled way with the aim of improving the rejuvenation process by stimulating the skin. Thus, it is aimed to improve the skin quality by increasing the collagen synthesis.

Veloce means ‘fast’ in Italian. The device is named accordingly as it successfully treats the skin in a relatively short period. It is also effectively used for the treatment of capillaries, pigments, and skin spots. It is highly possible to obtain positive results especially on light complexion.

What is Veloce BB Laser?

An effective and novel Laser equipment that emits broad spectrum, intensified light in order to rejuvenate and protect the skin.

Light is highly important for humans as well, like for any other beings. Along with its positive impact on our metabolism and psychology, it also has some harmful effects. In order to protect ourselves against these effects and prevent dermal aging, we use various sun screens. Likewise, this device uses wavelengths at different nanometers that keep our skin fresh.

How Can Veloce BB Laser Keep the Skin Young?

We know for sure that this Laser technology -when regularly applied- helps our skin stay young. With age, wrinkles, stains, broken capillaries might occur on the skin. Thanks to its special filters, BB Laser can treat all these symptoms, thus rejuvenate the skin.

Recent studies also show that regularly applied BB Laser treatment reduces these age-related skin problems and delays the emergence of new ones. Moreover, it has been found that it provides a genetic rejuvenation. In other words, it has been proven at genetic level that once the BB Laser treatment is applied to old skin, it starts to act like younger skin.

How is the Treatment Practiced?

Firstly, the application are is covered with gel in order to better deliver the Laser to the surface and the lower layers of the skin. Then, the application is carried out comfortably thanks to the cooling head of the device. The whole procedure takes about 10-20 minutes.

What Happens After the Treatment?

A mild scabbing may occur after the treatment, which indicates the success of the procedure. Thus, the skin starts the desirable process to rejuvenate itself. The scabbing does not last long. It may be completed in one session only, or repeating sessions might be required. The application –when regularly repeated every year- can produce much more satisfying results.

Which Problems are Treated?

Fine wrinkles,

Stains / Skin spots,


Facial redness,




If you decide on the Veloce BB Laser treatment, do not forget to give the below information to your doctor:

  • Your medication,
  • The vitamins and minerals you take,
  • If pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant,
  • All the surgeries and cosmetic treatments you have already had.

Veloce BB Laser is one of the most significant treatment methods. To diagnose your problem and follow the correct treatment procedure, please get an appointment to see Dermatologist Dr. Ersin Aydın at our clinic.