Golden Needle

Skin health is an important issue in every age. Skin care starting from the early ages is one of the most significant secrets of a healthy and long youth. Technology proivdes us with valuable opportunities to protect our skin health by special medical devices.

What is Golden Needle?

The Golden Needle (Fractional Radiofrequency) treatment is carried out with a special device that can treat the dermal wrinkles and the loss of volume in skin. Golden Needle, being among the effective anti-aging methods for skin health, is also successfully used to treat the skin problems such as spots and acne scars.

What Problems Is the Golden Needle Used for?

Golden Needle allows us to obtain successful results in case of;

Fine wrinkles,

Loss of volume,



Dry skin,


Thanks to this procedure, the skin tightens effectively.

How Many Sessions Does It Have?

We determine the number of sessions depending on the skin. We plan the process in sessions according to the extent of the wrinkles, the acnes on the face, and the deformation caused by them. Typically, 2-3 sessions in a year over a 3-year period should be enough. We leave a 4 to 6-week interval between the sessions.

How Long Does the Effect of Golden Needle Last?

Golden Needle has a long lasting effect. The results of the treatment can be enjoyed for 2 to 3 years. After the process, the skin is mcuh better than its previous condition. The treatment can be either carried out alone or combined with Fractional Laser or with the other treatments.

What Happens After the Treatment?

Golden Needle does not cause a severe harm to the skin, however, it is natural to experience a mild redness in some patients depending on the type of the skin. The redness diminishes shortly, and does not affect your social life. You can immediately resume your daily routine.