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Chin Botox

Did you know that the solution for teeth grinding and jaw clenching problems that deeply affect countless people is indeed quite simple?

What is Masseter Botoks?

There are about 40 muscles on our face that we use for different purposes. Among these, the masseter –the jaw muscle- is one of the most frequently used muscles. We use this specific muscle, which stretches along the sides of the face connecting the cheekbone to the lower jaw, for chewing. However, we might clench our jaws at night due to some stress-related factors. When done continuously, we suffer from severe pains in our jaws, especially in our teeth. If the grinding and the clenching persist, there might occur some impairments in our jaws and teeth. Besides all these physical problems, the tiredness in the jaw might turn into a disturbing psychologic issue.

So, how can we solve this problem? The treatment for these common problems -grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw- is very simple. In order to help it relieve, we apply botox into the masseter muscle that causes tension and facial pressure, especially during sleep. Thus, the problems of teeth grinding and jaw clenching are relieved.

How Does Masseter Botox Treat?

The botox that we inject into the masseter muscle temporarily passivates the nerve impulse in that area. Hence, your jaws relax due to the weakness of the related muscles.

Yes, chin botox –a.k.a. the masseter botox- is a relieving treatment. It provides a better life by relaxing the facial muscles and reducing the tension in the jaws. Thus, you can get better sleep and do not wake up with exhausted jaws.

An Aesthetic Shape Of Chin Is Possible with Masseter Botox

Some people use the masseter muscle too much. Therefore, with the abnormal growth of the muscle, the chin gets an unaesthetic look. The solution to this problem is the masseter botox. Thanks to the botox into the jaw muscle, the chin gets a slimmer shape. While obtaining an oval chin line, the chin is relaxed by relieving the masseter muscle. In short, for many people, this means a non-surgical functional treatment for chin aesthetic. As a result, the masseter botox is a natural and painless application that shapes the face.

In What Cases Is Masseter Botox Applied?

If you, too, suffer from problems such as;
Tension in the chin,
Grinding of the teeth,
A large chin structure,
Masseter muscle-related headache and neck pain,
Toothache caused by clenched jaws,
you can consult a Dermatologist whether you are eligible for the masseter botox treatment.

What Happens After the Masseter Botox?

The result of the process is apparent after 2 to 8 weeks. Since there is a relief in the chin, the results are satisfactory. Thanks to the natural and aesthetic look in the chin as a result of the Masseter Botox that is a complimentary procedure to the face shaping treatment, it provides a high patient satisfaction. Yet, the masseter botox is a repeated treatment like the other botox procedures. Continuous satisfaction might require periodical masseter botox treatments.

If you decide on the Masseter Botox treatment, do not forget to give the below information to your doctor:

Your medication,
The vitamins and minerals you take,
If pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant,
All the surgeries and cosmetic treatments you have already had.
Masseter Botox is one of the most important treatment methods. To diagnose your problem and follow the correct treatment procedure, please get an appointment to see Dermatologist Dr. Ersin Aydın at our clinic.

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