Brow Lifting with Botox

Brow lifting with Botox raises your eyebrows while treating the lines around your eyes.

The eyebrows of some people –either with the impact of time, or congenitally- sag and become furrowed. Age-related wrinkles when combined with sagging eyebrows may cause an unhappy and tired look on the face. To eliminate sagging eyebrows and obtain a healthier look, brow lifting treatment with Botox can be suitable for you.

What is Brow Lifting with Botox is Good for?

Many people might have wrinkles on the forehead after the age of 40. What’s more, this may be the case for some people after 30’s or even 20’s. Botox is an effective non-surgical method to smoothen such lines. Brow lifting with Botox consists of injecting Botox into the ends of and inside the brows in order to raise sagging eyebrows.

Brow raising treatment with Botox also helps the eyes look wider and healthier. It is quite successful in diminishing the exhausted and worried look on our faces caused by sagging eyebrows. The Botox application into the ends of the eyebrows relaxes the muscle that pulls the brows downward, and thus allows a lifting effect.

Who are Suitable?

With aging, one of the most concerning areas is the forehead. The people with frontal lines and sagging eyebrows are the most ideal candidates for the brow lifting treatment. The loss of volume around the eyes, causing sagging eyebrows, might cause unwanted facial expressions. People with such problems can benefit from the brow lifting treatment with Botox.

An Effective Method

Brow lifting with Botox keeps effect for about 4-6 months. During this time, an effective freshness is obtained on the face by raising the eyebrows. After the 6th month, with the relapse of the eyebrows, new wrinkles and lines may appear. Therefore, repeating the treatment is useful for obtaining long lasting effect.

Characteristics of the Eyebrows

The brow lifting treatment with Botox is applicable not only for women but also for men. Yet, the anatomic structure and the naturality of the person is important as the shape of the eyebrows differ in men and women. The ideal eyebrow position for women is that back of the brow slightly arching upwards. With men, brows on the bone are natural. The start and the mid part of the brows should be horizontally leveled. In light of this information, the treatment is carried out in line with the gender and the anatomic features of the person.

Brow Lifting with Botox is Paractical

The brow lifting treatment with Botox is preferred by many as it easy and painless. It is also significant to combine the demands of the patients with appropriate solutions in order to obtain the wanted results. The application area depends not only on what part of the brow the patient wants to raise, but also on the condition of the other facial muscles. For those who are to be treated for the first time, a gradual brow lifting treatment is suggested. After a couple of sessions, the most ideal final result can be obtained.

Brow Lifting with Botox: Minimum Preparation and Quick Result

Brow lifting with Botox is practical as the usual Botox application. The treatment is painlessly carried out in a short while. The patient should stay away from exercise, and bending the head for several hours after the application. Apart from that, a fast return to daily routine is possible.

If you decide on brow lifting with Botox, do not forget to give the below information to your doctor:

  • Your medication,
  • The vitamins and minerals you take,
  • If pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant,
  • All the surgeries and cosmetic treatments you have already had.

Brow lifting with Botox is one of the most significant treatment methods. To diagnose your problem and follow the correct treatment procedure, please get an appointment to see Dermatologist Dr. Ersin Aydın at our clinic.