June 1, 2022

Why is “Rhinoplasty with filler” so popular?

Recently, there has been a highly preferred procedure among men and women: non-surgical rhinoplasty. Also known as the nose filler, the non-surgical nose job is a very popular treatment.

Research shows that the prevalence of this application in the United States increased by 30% in 2020 compared to the previous year. The same ratio goes for our country as well. The effects of popular social media applications, our highly frequent Zoom meetings, and the celebrities raise the demand for nose filler treatment. The non-surgical nose job is preferred thanks to the quick and comfortable application.

Positive results with suitable noses

Congenital or –in some cases- post-traumatic deviation in the nose can be corrected with dermal filler, which is the most important need-to-know fact about the treatment. Another important detail is that the non-surgical nose job is not suitable for every nose. Now, in light of these two facts, we will discuss the procedure on general terms. It is possible to tolerate the deviation in the nose making it look more aesthetic through an attentive application of the filler. Besides, injecting filler into the tip of the nose, we can make the nose look thinner and elegant. It is also possible to slightly raise the droopy nasal tip. As mentioned above, all these procedures are good for the suitable patients.

Also good after surgical rhinoplasty

The anticipated results might not be obtained after some rhinoplasty surgeries. Collapsed nose bridge or droopy nasal tip cases might occur after some surgical nose jobs. Nose filler proves useful to correct such unintended consequences. Supporting the collapsed area with filler, we can obtain a more aesthetic side look. Likewise, we can raise the nasal tip using filler.

The benefits of the procedure

With the advent of medical technology, we have had a number of more successful alternatives in the aesthetic treatments. Filler applications, in this sense, come among our favorite treatments with their successful results. Thus, it is possible to treat some conditions which used to be corrected with only surgical procedures. Conducting a non-surgical treatment means a quicker, more comfortable, and more cost-effective solution. As I have just stated, such a comfortable procedure that can be done during your lunch break seems attractive for many.

There is solution for unanticipated results

Nose filler, depending on the features of the patient, maintains its effect for certain periods. As in the other filler applications, it starts to lose its effect gradually after one year. Renewing the nose filler afte the 18th month is essential for the continuation of the treatment. Moreover, if you do not like the nose filler you get, it can be undone. Though not very frequently, some patients who have non-surgical rhinoplasty with filler for the very first time may not like the treatment. In that case, we can reverse the condition of the patient by melting the filler.

A comfortable procedure taking merely 15-20 minutes

Pre-treatment anesthetic creams allow us to carry out the application in a comfortable way. The procedure taking merely 15-20 minutes can be done painlessly. If the patient does not wear glasses for a certain period following the treatment, the nose gets into its new shape.

To sum up, the quite popular non-surgical rhinoplasty with filler deserves its reputation thanks to the successful results in the suitable patients.

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