June 1, 2022

The Magnificent Change in Your Looks Provided by The Under-Eye Light Filler

This week, I would like to discuss the ‘under-eye light filler’ that is quite popular on social media. The under-eye light filler is among the most prominent filler applications preferred by more and more people recently.

Bid farewell to dark circles

We, the dermatologists, have long been enjoying the dermal fillers to add volume. Dermal filler, in fact, is an umbrella term covering several procedures. Hyaluronic acid fillers, highly popular for adding volume and moisture, allow us to obtain positive results under the eyes as well. We specifically use them to treat the dark circles on the fine and sensitive skin under the eyes.

Under-eye hollows are reduced

The under-eye dark circles and hollows make the under-eye area look darker and that might cause an exhausted appearance. It is possible to enhance the appearance with filler treatment. However, under-eye filler may not eliminate all of the under-eye conditions. To illustrate, the superficial veins might become evident as the under-eye skin is too thin. Therefore, Vascular Laser is needed to eliminate such problems.

The shadow effect

Under-eye light filler removes the shadow effect caused by the loss of volume and hollows in some persons. Filling the hollow areas, we make them look brighter. In other words, after the application, since the loss of volume under the eyes is eliminated, we obtain a brighter look. What requires attention here is that filler does not enhance the pigmentation or the color of the skin. In those with dark skin color, if the dark circles are caused by pigmentation, the filler does nothing but highlights the dark circles.

We do realize that under-eye bags, hollows, and dark circles are common problems for many. Just as in many treatments for various skin conditions, the most preferred application for the under-eye area is the light filler. It is a remedy for the issues around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid, a highly significant substance present in human body, is used for the under-eye light filler. What I need to strongly emphasize is that the early under-eye light filler proves quite useful together with the other treatments after the age of 30.

How to treat

The Hyaluronic acid used for the treatment is necessary for the body. Firstly, it can easily be administered using filler injectors with fine needles without surgery. The steps of the procedure are as follows:

  • A doctor’s examination is required before the application to determine the extent of the problem and the color of the skin.
  • Then, local anesthesia creams are administered around the eyes.
  • Hygiene is important, hence the area around and under the eyes are cleaned. The problematic areas are treated with light filler.
  • During the application, the amount matters a lot. Once the whole procedure is completed, the under-eye area is cleaned again with tonic. Creams are applied to prevent redness.

The impact of light filler on the under-eye bags

It can be seen right after the procedure that the effect of the Hyaluronic becomes evident. With the filler, the production of elastin and collagen in the body increases. Accordingly, it is seen that the under-eye conditions begin to diminish.

It moisturizes

I have just stated that I do care about the Hyaluronic Acid as it trasnfers water to the skin and keeps it there for a long time, thus balances the moisture of the skin. Likewise, thanks to these procedures, the area around the eyes look younger and brighter.

The most frequently asked question is the duration of the filler. Filler is not permanent. Yet, the long lasting effect is directly related to the filler substance, while the skin type might affect the duration as well. Generally speaking, the duration of the light filler applied for the under-eye dark circles is 9 months to 1 year.

When to prefer the under-eye light filler?

  • For those with darkened and pale gray under-eye area.
  • Good for the under-eye bags and wrinkles.
  • Good for the discoloration under the eyes caused by daily routine.

Lastly, in case you are not satisfied with the treatment, the filler can be dissolved with a Hyaluronidase enzyme, which means that you have an option for reversion.

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