June 1, 2022

What is Masseter Botox Good For: It Holds the Secret for a Good Sleep

A scientific study I have recently read suggests that 10 million people in England experienced teeth grinding and the related health problems last year. These people with highly tense jaws suffer from the related headaches, facial and neck pains, as well as jaw bone problems and –throughout time- structural deterioration in the teeth. In brief, teeth grinding is very widespread all over the world and negatively affects our quality of life. Furthermore, especially in women, the over-sized masseter muscle due to the teeth clenching and grinding might cause an unwanted wider appearance on the jawline.

Teeth grinding is on the rise

As I have also frequently heard from my patients, I can say that the teeth grinding and clenching complaints caused by tense jaws have been soaring. That this issue is also related to the increased stress and anxiety during the pandemic we have been going through is evident in the recent researches.

There is solution to that

The teeth grinding is not unsolvable. Fortunately, Medicine provides us with a comfortable solution to this problem. Botox, normally used for eliminating the wrinkles, has been used for treating the patients suffering from teeth grinding. It proves useful by relaxing the Masseter muscle that is responsible for chewing.

Overuse of the muscle

What is responsible for the teeth clenching problem is the Masseter muscle we use for chewing. Masseter muscle, like any other muscle in the body, when overused, gets bigger throughout the time, thus widening the jawline. When botox is injected into this muscle to eliminate the teeth grinding problem, it not only relaxes the jaws but also helps thin the jawline. Thus, this application yields double benefits.

A simple application

If you ever had botox for your facial wrinkles, you should know how swift, easy, and painless the application is. For a totally painless experience, we use very thin injection materials for Masseter botox as well. The treatment is completed in 10 minutes only with a total of eight injections –four on each side of the chin. Besides, this application never causes any problems to your eating ability. As we have many chewing muscles, we can easily maintain our chewing.

A quality sleep merely after 10 days

The impact of Masseter botox becomes evident about 10 days after the treatment. The effects of the procedure continues for 3 to 9 months. In other words, the application provides the patient with grinding-free hours and a comfortable sleep. Masseter botox is a repeatable treatment. Hence, each application will improve the comfort and the life quality of the patient.

Last but not least, the success rate and the duration of effectiveness of the treatment heavily relies on the quality of the botox, the experience and the skillfulness of the dermatologist, and finally on precisely targeting the muscle. Therefore, conducting a research before making up your mind proves crucial as regards the results of the treatment.

I wish you happy days that you use your “smiling” muscles instead of the Masseter..

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