June 1, 2022

Need-to-know Details for Lip Filler

Typically, full lips are an indicator of youth, beauty, and health. However, a gradual loss of volume and mild fine lines occur with advancing age. In some cases, lips are congenitally thin despite the young age. Whatever the cause is, if you have thinning or genetically thin lips, it is possible to get fuller and more aesthetic lips with the filler treatment.

Lip filler, a.k.a. lip aesthetics, is applied to make the shape and the volume of the lips more aesthetic. The treatment is advanced in line with the needs of the patients to obtain fuller lips and to define the smile. The filler treatment is individually designed and can be repeated as need occurs because its impact weakens throughout time.


Our lips have a very significant place in facial aesthetics. Being in the centre of the face and contributing vastly to the facial expression, their naturality is important. Tailor-made applications produce positive results. Our ideal is unexaggerated lips without ruining the naturality and the symmetry of the face.


Lip filler, to provide a more comfortable process for those with a lower pain threshold, is applied after administering anesthetic cream. The cream prevents you from feeling the application. After the 15-minute procedure, it is important to protect the lips from trauma and keep them clean for several days. That is how quick and comfortable the filler treatment is.


The substance we administer into the lips for a fuller appearance is totally safe, and it not only provides an aesthetic look but also moisturizes the lips. Moist, in return, helps the lips age in a slower and healthier manner.

My suggestion for the first-timers is getting the treatment progressively. The procedure should be completed by administering the filler in stages. Thus, it is possible to get used to the new lips, and find the most appropriate amount of filler.


Augmenting lips is a personal preference. The causes of prefering lip filler are as follows:

  • Extremely thin lips, getting even thinner once smiled,
  • Thinning lips with advancing age,
  • Thin and formless lips bothering the person,
  • Fuller lips fitting the face better,
  • Fuller lips improving self-confidence.


Lip filler is suitable for all, who are unhappy with the volume and the shape of their lips. For the treatment, it is important that the patient is healthy and has realistic expectations.

Right after the lip filler, you can resume your daily routine. If you have realistic ideals, you can enjoy your new lips the way you anticipated. Stay healthy!

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