June 1, 2022

Hints for a Long Lasting Botox and Filler

Today, anti-aging treatments are quite popular. The treatments reducing the wrinkles and the loss of volume, botox and filler are the most prominent applications. In short, we easily can say that the botox and the filler treatments have already become a natural part of personal care. Then, is it possible to use botox and filler for a longer time and in a better way? The answer is yes, for sure!

Let us have a look at what we need to know how to protect the filler and the botox in our face? As you may know, these treatments are repeated treatments. Botox, taking effect after the third day of application, keeps its impact fo about 4 to 6 months. Botox, especially, shows itself best at the sixth month.

Fillers, not only volumizing but also mositening the skin, takes effect the moment they are applied. However, it tends to wear off more quickly in moving parts. For instance, while less moving body parts such as the chin and the nose keep the filler for up to 2 years, more dynamic areas let you keep it between 6 to 12 years, though it depends on personal specifications.


Due to the body structure and the life style, some people tend to lose the efficacy of the filler and the botox in a relatively shorter period. Reason being is the difference between the metsbolisms. As such, those who do too much exercise might lose the effects of the filler and the botox more qucikly than the others.

How can we make botox and filler longer lasting? Although the answer to this question is continuing the treatment regularly, there are also some hints.


The products containing hyaluronic acid, using the very same essential ingredient with the body, might help protect the fillers. It has been scientifically proved that such fillers increase by 30% the natural hyaluronic content of the skin. Moreover, it is the perfect way to keep the skin generally moist, and this is rather significant to protect the health and the youth of the skin. Because the hyaluronic acid would increase the moist of the skin, thus would enhance the quality of the skin while helping protect it.


Skin care is the greatest supporter of the anti-aging treatments. Therefore, you should routinely get skin care. The care not only helps you use your filler and botox applications for a longer time, it also is personally good for you. In short, having a quality skin care routine is one of the most important ways of helping the botox and the filler last longer.


Thirst is one of the most significant factors quickening aging. Keeping the skin moist is rather useful especially for botox. A moist skin has less dryness and fine wrinkles. It is of the utmost significance to use substances like the hyaluronic acid supporting the moisture barrier of the skin, as well as using retinol and sun protection cream regularly. Because such supports help the skin look natural and fresh for a longer while.


The anti-aging treatments must always be carried out by a specialist. A trustable and experienced dermatologist provides you with better results because a specialist with successful works in this field can give you the right treatment at the right amount, which means the application lasts as long as possible. It all starts with the right type and the right amount of treatment. The more botox might mean the longer it lasts, but increasing the amount will cause too much effect, and that means an unnatural result.

Too much botox might lead to overly lifted brows and a frozen facial expression without mimics, as well as some other risks. Likewise, too much filler also does not maintain for long, on the contrary, it causes unnatural results.


Not smoking or not drinking acohol are essential for a healthy life. This is important not only to help your healthy life style, but also to make the filler and the botox look fresh for a longer time. Since the repeated motions, especially while smoking, might ruin the lip filler even quicker, you should avoid smoking.


Although staying away from the stress is hard, it is not impossible. A high level of stress increases the cortisol hormone that damages the skin and quickens the aging, and this, in return, might cause need for more botox. Simple exercises and breathing works will be useful to relax yourself. Try it out for sure!


Protecting your skin and keeping especially the treated areas from trauma are important. This is even more critical the first days and the weeks when botox starts to show its effect. Avoid facial massage with pressure, sleeping on the same side, wearing heavy glasses if with a nose filler, and touching your face too frequently.

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