June 1, 2022

What to do if your Botox is not as anticipated?

What to do if your Botox is not as anticipated?

Youth is a heavenly spring, but, like any other lovely thing, the impact of time captures it as well. Do not feel desperate by this statement, though, because it is possible to get a grip on and guide the time. At least, as the Dermatologists, we do share what we can do for you to manage this process as healthily and smoothly as possible.

Keeping young safely

We all very well know that botox is the most prominent anti-aging application that proves useful during this phase. We gladly prefer our age-long safe companion ‘botox’ for facial rejuvenation. It is our favorite application, providing us with a pretty natural, almost unnoticable freshness. Well, what if things turn out ugly, and our botox makes us worse rather than more beautiful? The answer to this question matters. Although we usually obtain very positive results, rarely do we come across some negative ones. We all might see some exaggerated or frozen expressions either in a Hollywood celebrity or in someone at a shopping mall. Hence, let us take a close look into the subject.

Natural is good

What happens if your botox isn’t as anticipated? Actually, let us move backwards and discuss how a successful botox application is supposed to be. A good botox is absolutely the natural one. In other words, it is the natural beauty felt on your face by an objective view. What we desire is a result allowing for reflecting feelings, supporting the natural expression, and of course, erasing the traces of time. That we obtain through our signature treatment ‘Naturel Botoks’. Fortunately, all those well-done Naturel Botoks applications have been effectively answering the question “Can botox be both natural and beautiful at the same time?”

Poor botox instantly gives itself away

A botox application not suitable for you gives itself away immediately. Firstly, as it is administered against the nature of your face, it disturbs the asymmetry. To illustrate, the negative results such as the uneven or overly raised eyebrows, or overly lifted forehead indicate that the procedure has failed. Another indication of a poorly done botox is that you don’t like yourself after the botox. Though seen rarely, this perception might stem from one’s current mood. While everybody else likes, the patient rarely might not like the result of the procedure. It can be common among those who have a low level of satisfaction. Such people should think twice before opting for the treatment.

In short, a disturbing asymmetry on the face or a dissatisfaction with the result suggests a poorly done botox procedure.

Why does it fail?

If the injector hasn’t administered the right amount of botox into the right spots on the face, the results will be inevitably negative. A minuscule mistake will directly affect the outcome, therefore, the practitioner must very well know your face and muscles. Despite being a product of the science of Medicine, botox can show itself due in part to the artistic touches of the practitioner. At this point, knowledge, experience and aesthetics come to the front as the ideal compound.


What to do if you don’t like it?

If, for any reason, your treatment doesn’t turn out to be as anticipated, that shouldn’t be your destiny. Excessive botox injection will lose its effect over time and get back to normal, but you will have to live with it for about 10 weeks. If the problem stems from injecting into the wrong area, it can be corrected. We can obtain positive results through proper application into the right area to find the balance and symmetry on the face.

Consequently, when it comes to health issues, you should prefer competent Specialists to get treatment. Because, especially on your face, you do deserve the healthiest and the most natural results.

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