April 25, 2022

What About the ‘Non-surgical Nose Aesthetics with Filler’?

Dermal filler with its positive results in the aesthetic treatments has been pleasing people for a long time. Both the volumising and moisturizing effects, and the fresh look it provides make it essential. Its relatively long duration also proves imperative to enjoy the successful results of the treatment as long as possible.

Yes, applicable in a short time and immediately effective, filler treatments are much more ‘budget friendly’ than the surgical methods. Another advantage of filler is that it has different durations of effect depending on the treated area, which means that the patient doesn’t have to repeat the treatment unless they want to. Nose sculpting with filler, the recently popular aesthetic procedure of the world –and our country as well- among the Dermatlogists and the patients, is our subject.

Non-surgical nose aesthetics

What we call nose aesthetics with filler is also known as non-surgical nose aesthetics or liquid rhinoplasty. Providing us with unmatched opportunities among many beauty applications, nose aesthetics with filler allows us to get successful results especially on suitable noses. However, the key words here are ‘suiatable noses’, which means that not every nose is suitable for nose sculpting. So, how can you know whether your nose is suitable for this type of treatment or not? Naturally, we come to an accurate conclusion through examination. Only when the nose is suitable do we apply the treatment. This treatment yields positive results in those, who for various reasons don’t want to go under surgery and have a suitable nose for nose sculpting with filler.

Solution with Hyaluronic acid

The treatment is done to sculpt the overall nose, especially the tip. We use the Hyaluronic acid dermal filler to correct the nose. The treatment can be carried out within a very short time, approximately 15-20 minutes, as long as a lunch break maybe. It is preferred by patients with the comfortable process and immediate positive results.

Unless there are extraordinary situations such as heavy physical activities, an intense flight program or anatomical conditions, the nose fillers usually keep effective for an entire year. Nonetheless, the treatment provides a temporary solution, which means that the procedure needs to be repeated when needed.

Get it only if it is suitable

Social media is in every aspect of our lives, and far more deterministic than ever. That means we are to feel the impact of the trends in our daily life. Some trends might be quite popular from time to time. However, my suggestion is that you should get this procedure only if you really need it, like in any other aesthetic treatments.

Experience is a must

Nose aesthetics with filler procedure, a.k.a. the non-invasive or the non-surgical rhinoplasty, allows us to get very impressive results in suitable patients.

Although the procedure is carried out in a very short time and yields immediate results, it has to be done by a highly experienced Dermatologist. Remember, liquid rhinoplasty is not to be taken lightly despite the fact that it seems a quick and easy procedure.

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