January 21, 2022

The amazing benefits of LED Light Therapy on skin: the rejuvenating power of light

Skin health is of the utmost importance for everyone in every part of life. Protecting the facial area is even more important especially for those, who work in the hectic tempo of urban life. When the factors such as the Sun, air pollution, irregular eating, and not consuming enough water are added to the impact of time, the skin –especially on the facial area- may have a pale and unhealthy look. So, what do we need to do? Answer is, for sure, to protect our skin giving special attention to it.

In such cases, we, the Dermatologists, suggest solutions on skin health and anti-aging treatments. These suggestions, including the healthy life rituals, encompass various methods together with the advantages of medical technologies.


This week, I will tell you about the LED Light Therapy. This treatment, widely preferred across the world and giving highly positive results, is worth examining.

The starting point of the LED Light Therapy stretches back to NASA’s invention to grow the plants in the spacecrafts in space research. After the positive results obtained in those studies, the use of the LED Light Therapy in the treatment of the damaged tissues and the wounds of the Marines in the American Navy inspired its utilizationon skin for the anti-aging treatments.


The LED Light Therapy is a skin care treatment, carried out with the help of the red, blue, and yellow light waves that can easily be absorbed by the skin. While primarily used for preventing the anti-aging effects on the skin, this therapy can also be used safely in the acne, scar, and inflammation treatments.

Depending on the requirement of your skin, the red, blue, or yellow light waves can be used. Red light is preferred for anti-aging, blue for the acne treatment, and yellow for the regeneration of skin and the scars.

The LED Light Therapy is applied using special goggles. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes. It is totally safe. It does not involve any UV radiation. There occurs no pain during the process, and there are no post-treatment side-effects. On the contrary, the 20 minutes in the LED light in a dark atmosphere has a relaxing impact. Therefore, it can be applied regularly. Right after the procedure, daily routine can be resumed.


We can use the LED Light Therapy treatment either all by itself, or for getting a soothing result following another skin care treatment. To illustrate, we prefer it to soothe the skin and to support the treatment after a chemical peeling or Laser treatment. Another bright side of the application is that it is totally safe for all skin types.

The LED Light Therapy is a repeatable treatment. It allows us to obtain a healthy look on the skin when regularly applied once a week for about 10 weeks. The treatment can be repeated any time.


To repair the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, red or infrared light is used. When applied to the skin, the light is absorbed by epidermis and stimulates the collagen proteins.

Theoretically, the more collagen means the smoother your skin looks, which can reduce the appearance of the fine lines and the wrinkles. It is believed that the red LED reduces the inflammation while improving the circulation, thus giving a healthy gloss to the skin.


The blue LED Light Therapy aims at the sebaceous (oil) glands. Oil glands, with their moisturizing effect, are necessary for the good of your skin and hair. Yet, these glands, being overly active sometimes, may also cause greasy skin and acne. The blue LED Light Therapy aims these oil glands and makes them less active, helping to reduce the pimples. Blue light can also kill the bacteria under the skin that cause pimples, thus facilitating the severe pimple treatment including the cyst and the nodules. The LED Light Therapy can be used on the neck and the chest, which are prone to show aging symptoms.


The LED Light Therapy is essentially used to increase collagen and the tissues. It can soften your skin and diminish the age-related spots, acnes, and the fine lines. It also regulates the blood flow of the skin. It serves as detox. It soothes the redness of the skin. It can be used for suppressing the early shingles.


The LED Light Therapy is non-invasive; you can resume your daily activities right after the treatment. After completing all of the sessions, the results will be more apparent.

However, even after reaching the suggested number of sessions, the results are not permanent as your skin cells may lose some collagen over time, and you can start to see aging symptoms. Therefore, you are suggested to repeat the skin care treatment once in several months.

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