December 12, 2021

Why is the filler, the favourite of the non-surgical beauty, so popular?

Beauty has always been the concern of all since the beginning of life –not only philosophically of course. Throughout history, many methods have been tried to beautify and today, these applications are well developed thanks to medicine.

We, the Dermatologists, have been closely following these developments. Especially the filler treatment, the most prominent of the non-surgical applications, is as popular as it has always been.


The treatment with the filler provides an easy and non-surgical alternative, especially for those who wish to improve their looks. It allows us to get natural results in areas that are saggy and have decreased in volume. More volimunous lips and cheeks, and the treatment of a tighter jawline are just the several of the results we can obtain with the filler. Besides, it is useful to emphasize the success rate of rhinoplasty treatment with the filler with suitable patients. It also emerges with the ideal and the practical results to treat the scars and the deep lines around the lips.


There are multiple answers to this question. The filler treatment is applied in a much shorter time compared to the cosmetic surgical alternatives. Thanks to the anaesthetic cream used, no pain or ache is felt. It satisfies the patient with its immediate result. Its natural looking outcomes are just another reason for it to be popular.


Let’s talk about filler treatment. It does not require a specific preparation and is a short process. It does not take more than 30 minutes and its effects can be seen between 9 months and 2 years. Often times, prior to the treatment, a gel is used on the application area to soothe the slight pain. The filler almost has no adverse effects.


Hyaluronic acid filler is the number one filler substance of the world. It provides volume to the different parts of the face. It utilizes the natural hyaluronic acid in body. In other words, it imitates the hyaluronic acid that is present in our skin. It bonds with the water under the skin in order to increase the flexibility and the smoothness to strengthen the skin, and helps to encourage the production of collagen.


One of the best aspects of the filler treatment is that it is temporary. If you are afraid of changing your mind after the treatment, it becomes a valuable piece of information that the filler can be removed any time. Moreover, the filler is slowly extracted from the body by itself. Its effects, depending on the characteristics of the patient, maintain between approximately 9 months and 2 years.


It is not a secret that confidence in the appearance raises the mood and makes us happier. In short, looking good will make you feel good. If you are willing for the filler treatment, you can try this wonderful method to improve your appearance and, thus, your self-confidence. No matter whether your concern is about aging or about the dissatisfaction due to your physical characteristics, the filler provides a quick and easy solution.

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